Rose Garden

2023.05.18 Nature, Nui Adventures 2 Comments

Last weekend, I visited my local rose garden and brought my Ritsu1 and Shu2 nuis to pose for photos.

It was actually a small heat wave over the weekend, and the sun was very bright—which wasn’t ideal for lighting, but it did make for some really vibrate rose fields once I adjusted the lighting contrast on my camera. I took a ton of photos, but I’ve only included the highlights here. I may upload the full HQ 4k images3 somewhere else.

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2023.05.17 Sitely Matters 1 Comment

It’s been many years since this blog1 was around, but I’m reviving it mainly for the purpose of posting photos. I recently bought myself a mirrorless camera2, so it would be apt to have a space to display all of my photos and have a proper visual record of things.

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